Help me doing good in my community !

Hello, Hola from Costa Rica !

My name is Yensy.  I am 25 years old and I study hard to become a Physiotherapist to have the opportunity to help people in my community.

I will have my Bachelor Degree of Physiotherapy by the end of the year and only need another 4 semesters to get my final degree. The cost for these final semesters will be more than 4 000 USD and I need your help in order to be able to pay the registration fees, books, and copies!

The doctor only comes once a month and as Physiotherapist I could take care of babies or pregnant women, people with a handicap or that had an accident, as well as elderly people to have a better quality of life.

Please read on to know more about me, the life in the mountains of Costa Rica, and the difficulties to pay my studies.

I will keep you updated on the evolution of my situation. Thank you for your support.




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